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Many of our clients ask for our assistance to source properties best suited to their tastes or investment plans. 

JLL can be retained as a buying agent, to find the right investment for a client’s needs and to negotiate purchases on their behalf. In most cases, properties identified by JLL can be secured for a client before they are listed on the open market.

With experts in a range of different property-industry disciplines based in our Knightsbridge office, we can undertake all necessary checks, oversee the completion of legal paperwork alongside clients’ solicitors, and ensure that the purchase of any property can proceed as efficiently as possible.
Professional advice will always be given to ensure that our clients are regarded as the “best buyers” in the market for the properties they are seeking.

In circumstances where JLL are directly instructed to sell a property in which a purchasing clients is interested, we would be unable to act on the purchaser’s behalf. Instead, we would recommend the services of another purchasing agent, so removing any conflict of interest with the vendor.